Bad Check Complaints

Roxbury Township Police will investigate Bad Check complaints under NJS 2C:21-5. The investigation will assist victims to identify offenders and obtain statements from them for court purposes. 2C:21-5 is a criminal offense and is not meant to obtain funds from the offender for the victim as reimbursement. Victims can file a civil lawsuit for compensation of monetary loss which can be accomplished in Morris County Civil court. 

*Morris County Prosecutors Office will not accept bad check complaints that are written for rent or other civil contracts. Any rent related checks should be resolved through civil court.

Victim requirements for criminal investigations:

Victims must attempt to contact offenders by phone and certified mail advising of the dishonored check(s). 

Victims must provide the police with: 1) original dishonored check(s) from the bank and 2) a receipt of certified mailing. The dishonored checks are logged as evidence and a copy of the checks will remain with the victim.

Victims/Complainants must fill out the Bad Check Questionnaire in its entirety and submit it with the dishonored checks to the police department.

*Note: If the check is less then $250 please take the information directly to Roxbury Court located on the back side of 1715 Rt 46 at the town hall entrance to sign a complaint.

You will be contacted by the investigating officer once the investigation report is completed. You will need to pick up a copy of the investigation report at the Police Records Bureau during business hours. 

Once you obtain the report, you can sign a complaint in Roxbury court. The court officer will have you file a Complaint Information Form and a Certification of Probable Cause which they provide. Court personnel will assist you with the forms. Roxbury court is located on the back side of 1715 Rt46 at the town hall entrance. 

Bad Check Questionnaire