Roxbury Adopt-A-Spot program

Adopt A Spot sign1Adopt-A-Spot volunteers contribute to the Township of Roxbury's cleanliness and beauty by pledging to clean and maintain an adopted spot  at least twice a year. 

If the area accumulates heavy litter between the two cleanups, additional cleanups may be required.

All supplies will be provided by Clean Communities. 

Once the clean-up is finished, the Township will collect the bagged litter. 

Adopters will be recognized for their efforts throughout the year through social and news media.  In addition, a sign recognizing volunteers will be placed at the adopted location.

Mini-Grant Fundraising Opportunities - Non-profit organizations that participate in a clean-up or adopt a sport may be eligible for mini-grant funding.  Grants are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.  

2024 Mini-Grant Application

For more information contact  Kellie Ann Keyes at 973-448-2053 or

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