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The Roxbury Township Clean Communities program, in collaboration with the  New Jersey Clean Communities program, is a comprehensive litter abatement program that serves both residents and visitors. The program's mission is to reduce litter in public places, encourage volunteer cleanup of public lands, and maintain litter reduction through education and enforcement.

We are encouraging our residents to take pride in their community without incurring any out-of-pocket costs. All you need is a few hours to go for a walk with your family or meet up with friends.  

We are looking for individuals, school groups, churches, or businesses willing to volunteer their time to help keep Roxbury beautiful.

Skip the straw day 2024LITTER FREE IS THE WAY TO BE!

This event encourages people of all ages to look at their own surroundings and take responsibility. Such a simple and enjoyable way to contribute to the overall health of our beautiful town while witnessing immediate results. 

You may also learn some fascinating facts about litter, some of which you may have difficulty believing are true! 

We provide the location.

We provide the supplies (vests, gloves, bags, grabbers).

We arrange for the material to be collected from the site.

All we are missing is YOU and few hours of your time!

Sign up today!  See details below.

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