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Restaurant inspection in the state of New Jersey is regulated by Chapter 24 of the NJ State Sanitary Code. To view a copy of this code please click on the link below.

 Click the link for a list of Retail Food Establishment Inspections

Septic System Management

All septic tanks should be pumped at least every three (3) years; failure to pump tanks out is the number one reason for system failure.

  • Do not use excessive amounts of water at one time.
  • spread out loads of laundry over the entire week.
  • keep showers short.
  • make sure that toilets do not run.
  • spread heavy use water activities throughout the day.
  • fix all leaky fixtures .
Do not flush or pour any items not intended for septic disposal in the drain
1. cooking oil/grease
2. motor oil/chemicals
3. feminine products
4. cat litter
5. cigarette butts
6. prophylactics

A HOMEOWNERS MANUAL FOR SEPTIC SYSTEMS is a available at the Health Department.

A permit is required for any repairs/alterations to an existing septic system. For further information please contact the Health Department.

Well Testing

A satisfactory water test through this department is necessary for all new wells drilled in the township.

Routine or home resale water testing is not required by Roxbury Health Department. However water is a vital necessity in life and everyone should be aware of the quality of their water supply. Water is supplied to a home in one of two ways, either a public water supply or a private well. A public supply of water can be generated from wells or surface water, which is then treated in a water treatment plant. All public water in Roxbury is provided from wells. Products such as chlorine are then added to disinfect the water. There are two entities that supply water to Roxbury residents depending on where you live, either New Jersey American Water (a private utility) or Roxbury Township. Public water systems are regulated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and must follow the strict standards of the New Jersey Safe Drinking Water Act to assure the best quality of water is supplied to the public.

A private water supply is one that serves a single household. This water supply is generated from a well which pumps water up from the ground and into your house. A private well is regulated only by the Private Well Testing Act, which requires testing on the transfer of real estate only. It is up to the homeowner to have their well water tested periodically for impurities. There are some tests that the NJDEP and local health department recommend for home wells to help ensure safety of your water supply.

Recommended water tests for existing home wells:

Bacteria (total coliform) every 6 months

Nitrates annually

Lead initial (at least once)

Iron initial (at least once)

Manganese initial (at least once)

pH initial (at least once)

Hardness initial (at least once)

Volatile Organic Chemicals annually

We recommend you contact a certified laboratory to assist you with conducting the above testing, you can find of list of such labs below or in the yellow pages.

Once you have received a report from the lab please free to contact us if you have any questions. If you decide that remediation is required you can contact a water treatment company to assist you with any treatment units that may be needed. Water treatment companies can also be found in the yellow pages.

Depending on the area of the township that you live in we may recommend other tests that should be performed to help ensure your water quality. You can always feel free to contact the health department with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your well at (973) 448-2028 Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

The State Department of Environmental Protection requires a well test on any sale of real property in the state, for more information on the "Private Well Testing Act" call or click on the link below.

Advanced Water Technology

973 300-4883


 Agra Environmental & Lab  973 989-0010 Dover

All-State Well Testing

908 835-2510


Aqua Pro-Techs

973 227-0422


CRC Services

732 548-7363


Environmental Lab Network

973 728-8044


Garden State Labs

908 688-8900

Hillside & Hub in Rockaway

Mary Paul Labs

973 300-9715


NJ Labs

732 249-0148



973 927-7303


Severn Trent Labs

732 549-3900


Underwriters Lab

547 472-5565


Water Works Lab

973 678-3787

East Orange

When choosing a lab please make sure that they are certified for the parameter that you require. The Roxbury Township Health Department does not endorse any labs.