Roxbury Energy Challenge


Mission Statement:
The Roxbury Township Environmental Commission (REC) has partnered with the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) on an educational campaign to promote energy conservation throughout the Township. The purpose of our campaign is to spread the word about simple changes that can save money and the environment. By providing informational resources and conservation strategies, the REC and ANJEC hope to encourage Roxbury’s residents, businesses and Township leaders to make informed decisions and positive choices about energy conservation and use for their homes, places of business and the many public buildings throughout Roxbury. It is also the intent of this program to design educational materials that can be distributed by ANJEC to other New Jersey municipalities that can be reproduced by other environmental commissions to promote energy conservation throughout the State.
The Roxbury Energy Challenge:
The REC has committed to making Roxbury a more energy conscious town in 2015 and is putting out a challenge to everyone…residents, township officials, schools and businesses.
Did you know that with a few simple and quick changes around your home, you can be more comfortable while saving energy and money? Small changes like switching out your old incandescent lightbulbs to energy efficient lightbulbs, programming your thermostat, or sealing drafty windows can make a big difference in your energy bill each month.
The REC challenges you to make a change in your home or workplace that helps conserve energy! It’s simple…..decide on the change you can make and photograph or record yourself making that change and publicly challenge your friends, family, teachers, employers and groups to do the same!

Then, upload your photo or video to the REC Facebook page at

or email it to the REC at

Don’t forget to share it with the people you challenge to keep the momentum going! And, if you can’t find a change to make, unplug and go dark for one hour and provide a video of yourself telling us how it felt to be without power for the hour!

All those who participate will be entered into a monthly drawing for a chance to win a prize throughout the next few months! Prizes will be selected by the REC via random drawing on the 22nd of May, June, July and August 2015. All winners will be posted on the REC Facebook page and website. Winners will be contacted regarding prize delivery. Prizes may include, but are not limited to gift certificates to local home improvement stores, energy efficient light bulbs and other "green" household maintenance and/or repair items.

Be on the lookout around town, because the Roxbury Gael is "Going Green" in 2015 in support of the REC's Campaign!

For tips on saving energy and money around your home or business please check out the New Jersey Natural Gas website at:
Do you have a group in Roxbury that is interested in learning more about how they can save energy and money in their home's or offices? REC representatives are available to come to your meeting to give a short presentation on energy conservation and provide valuable resources for your members to take home with them so they can implement energy and cost savings ideas at home, work or even in their garden! Interested? Please contact the REC by email at