Roxbury Open Space Advisory Committee

Vision Statement

Our vision of Roxbury Township is one of a vibrant community that achieves a balance between economic growth and preservation of important resources. While we see a community with quality residential, commercial and retail development, we also see a community of preserved open spaces, used for active and passive recreation, which are well-stewarded for the future; preserved ecological resources, including sensitive waterways, wetlands and animal habitats; and preserved cultural and historical resources, denoting a respect for our rich Township history and cultural assets.

Goals of the Open Space Program

The Goals Section of the Open Space and Recreation Plan Update act as a guide for Roxbury Township’s Open Space Program. The Township has focused on the protection of its water resources, expanding opportunities for both active recreation and resource based (or “passive”) recreation, and preserving environmentally sensitive lands. Roxbury Township has a very successful open space program and has worked with a diversity of partners, including the Canal Society of New Jersey, Roxbury Historic Trust, Inc., Roxbury Township Historic Advisory Committee, Roxbury Township Historical Society, The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, the State of New Jersey, the Morris County Park Commission, and the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority.


A list of members is available by reviewing our Boards and Committees List

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