Department Roster

Chief Dean Adone

Jennifer Dillard – Exec. Asst to the Chief
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Captain Chad Eckert
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Captain Sean HefferonClick to email

Lieutenant Scott Shinkowski
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Lieutenant Steven Catalano
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Lieutenant Adam Delguercio
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Lieutenant Matthew Holland
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Sergeant Jack Sylvester
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Det. Sergeant Bill ManisaClick to email
Sergeant Sean GaffeyClick to email
Sergeant Eric WeaverClick to email
Sergeant John FieldClick to email
Sergeant Anthony MarcianoClick to email
Sergeant Thomas CerezoClick to email
Sergeant Sean PrudenClick to email

Corporal Brett BarberaClick to email
Corporal Matthew HillClick to email
Corporal John FitzgeraldClick to email
Corporal Matthew SmedbergClick to email

Detective Tom GabodaClick to email
Detective Dave TognoClick to email
Detective Scott WeaverClick to email

Patrolman Brian Feeney 
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Patrolman Devin KellarClick to email
Patrolman Erick Henriksen
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Patrolman Michael Fournier
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Patrolman Agron Xhudo
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Patrolman Stanley PychClick to email
Patrolman Nicholas PonomarevClick to email
Patrolman Nicole ParichukClick to email 
Patrolman Steven StrowbridgeClick to email 
Patrolman William Turner Click to email 
Patrolman Jason DelTurco Click to email 
Patrolman Charles Bohannon Click to email
Patrolman Brad Keyes Click to email
Patrolman Stephen SatmariaClick to email
Patrolman Jonathon DunhamClick to email 
Patrolman Alex PenalvaClick to email
Patrolman Alex CesarioClick to email
Patrolman Robert ShannonClick to email
Patrolman Samuel Valerio Click to email
Patrolman Craig RoumesClick to email
Patrolman Matthew DansecsClick to email
Patrolman Oskar PasternakClick to email

Special Officer Jack NiemynskiClick to email
Police Records Clerk Lynn MahoneyClick to email
Police Records Clerk Patricia Shortridge Click to email