Police Divisions



The Patrol Division is responsible for the majority of police services provided by the department. 20 Sworn officers are assigned to the Patrol Division and comprise the largest single division in the department. The Patrol Division consists of 4 Squads that are supervised by 2 Lieutenants and 4 Sergeants.
The members of the Patrol Division are responsible for the performance of all primary police tasks including preventive patrol, immediate response to emergency situations including disputes, domestic violence, motor vehicle accidents, and crimes in progress; crime detection, preliminary investigations, traffic enforcement, parking enforcement, making arrests and transporting prisoners.
The Patrol Division responds to emergency medical calls within Roxbury to assist the Roxbury First Aid Squad as needed. All officers are trained in first aid, CPR and use of the cardiac defibrillator. Several officers are trained as certified Emergency Medical Technicians to enable the delivery of a higher standard of emergency medical care to the community.


The main function is traffic safety and the application of techniques toward a goal of traffic safety: the enforcement of those moving and parking violations that are causation factors of traffic accidents; the decreasing of the number of serious traffic accidents and of driving improvement, thus increasing the safety of the motoring public.
The Traffic Division is responsible for supplementing the operation of the patrol division as it relates to traffic enforcement and shall perform non-traffic duties as necessary.


The Support Services Division is responsible primarily for assisting the Patrol Division in the areas of Emergency Services, Juvenile matters, Crime Prevention and Department Training. Responsibilities include: Buildings and Grounds, Alarms, Computer Operations, Surveys, School Crossing Guards, Department Records, Municipal Towing, all Traffic Related Functions, Planning Research Grants and Educational Services.


There are 6 Detectives in this Division. It is the Detectives’ primary responsibility to conduct follow up investigations on any matter criminal in nature. The Detectives assigned to this division develop and maintain intelligence information pertaining to criminal activity.
The Detective Division provides investigative follow-up for a number of crimes including arson, auto theft, burglary, hate crimes, fraud, theft, homicide, robbery, aggravated battery, elderly abuse, sexual assaults and child abuse. The Detective Division utilizes proactive policing techniques to reduce crime. In addition, Detectives also have the crucial task of preparing indictable cases for prosecution in coordination with the Morris County Prosecutor's Office.
Detectives work closely with investigators and officers from other local, state and county police agencies. They share information and identify crime trends, which can result in a joint investigation among agencies.


The records unit shall be responsible for maintaining the official files of the department, performing clerical services required within the department, issuing copies of reports to the public in the manner prescribed by law, and performing other administrative services as directed by the Chief of Police