Food Safety Information

Thermometers & Proper Food Preparation Temperatures
  • All kitchens should have a stem type thermometer (not a meat thermometer).
  • All foods should be cooked to the proper (internal) temperature.
    • Any ground meat - 155o Fahrenheit
    • Fish and pork - 145o Fahrenheit
    • Poultry, anything stuffed or anything containing eggs - 165o Fahrenheit

View more information on the use of thermometers.

  • All perishable foods should be refrigerated promptly after purchasing or preparing, leftovers should be refrigerated immediately.
  • Your refrigerator should be set at a temperature of 41o Fahrenheit or below.
  • When transporting perishable foods in warm weather, items should be stored in a cooler with an ice pack.

Preventing Cross Contamination

  • Any utensils / cutting boards that are used for cutting raw meats should be sanitized after use.
    • Bleach is good inexpensive sanitizer. It takes about a cap full of bleach per gallon of water to reach the required 50 ppm of available bleach to sanitize.
    • Hot water is another way to sanitize however home dishwashers do not reach the required 160o Fahrenheit to sanitize.
  • Do not store raw meats / eggs above ready to eat foods, such as salads / vegetables. Also meats with higher cooking temperatures (see the thermometers section above) should be stored below ones with lower cooking temps; eggs should also be on the bottom.
  • Wash hands often and thoroughly, especially between handling raw and cooked foods or after visiting the restroom.