Rodent Complaints

Rodent Control

The Health Department investigates complaints of rodent infestation and harborage. You can help to control the rodent population by following the following suggestions:
  • Be aware for any burrows on your property. Rat burrows are generally about a 2 inch diameter, but can be larger, they are usually in an out of the way place or along the edge of something. They are dirty looking, are worn off on one side and generally occur in groups.
  • Keep all wood piles elevated at least 12 inches off the ground.
  • Maintain lawn in such a manner as to prevent an overgrowth of weeds or other vegetation, and remove all accumulated shrubbery/branches from the property and dispose of it properly.
  • Pour a concrete slab under sheds so rodents cannot burrow under.
  • Remove any possible food and water source such as bird feeders and birdbaths, pet food, dog feces, etc.

If you feel that you may have an infestation obtain a professional exterminator to inspect the property or call the Health Department at 973-448-2028.