Household Medical Waste Disposal

Prescription Drug Disposals

Nationwide 309 tons of prescription drugs were turned in by the public during the first two “Take-Back” events. The DEA is currently working on establishing a drug disposal process and will continue to offer take-back opportunities until the proper regulations are in place. Please check the Drug Enforcement Administration's website or call (800) 882-9539 for more information.

For further information on how to dispose of unused medication please use the link below.

Disposal of Hypodermic Needles

If you need to dispose of home use hypodermic needles do not throw them in the trash. It is illegal to dispose if them in this manner. You may have heard that the correct procedure is to put them in a plastic soda bottle and mark them needles - this is not correct, and the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority can no longer accept this trash. You must make arrangements with a local hospital for a sharps container to dispose of your needles. Please follow the directions of these agencies in regard to disposal procedure. Below are some contact numbers you can call for more information on the Safe Needle Disposal Program.
  • Saint Clare's Medical Center
    • Denville Campus
      Phone: 973-625-6026
    • Dover Campus
      Phone: 973-989-3073
    • Sussex Campus
      Phone: 973-702-2608
  • Morristown Memorial Hospital
    Phone: 973-971-4177

For more information on syringe disposal, please view the Hypodermic Needle Disposal Information Guide.