Definitions & Historic Preservation Districts


The following definitions are outlined in under Land Development - Article I - General Provisions 13-1.2 of the Roxbury Township Code Book.
  • Historic district shall mean one or more historic sites and intervening or surrounding property significantly affecting or affected by the quality and character of the historic site or sites.
  • Historic site shall mean any real property, man made structure, natural object or configuration or any portion or group of the foregoing, of historical archeological, cultural, scenic, or architectural significance.

Historic Preservation Districts

Four Historic Preservation Districts have been created in the Township of Roxbury as outlined in the Roxbury Township Code Book - Land Development - Article VII - Zoning Regulation 13-7.824. They include:
  • Berkshire Valley Road (known as Lower Berkshire Valley)
  • Kenvil Avenue, Kenvil
  • Main Street, Ledgewood
  • Main Street, Succasunna

A map of these areas is available at the Planning / Zoning Board Office.

The Historic Advisory Committee (HAC) has been charged with the duties of reviewing building permits, subdivisions, and site plans in the above mentioned historic preservation districts and to advise on both the sites and structures within these areas to preserve them as our legacy to future generations.